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Internal Platform products and teams

Since 2017, companies in the software industry are showing interest in building Internal Platforms applying product management concepts.

These platforms are consumed on a self-service basis by software development teams, preventing organizational anti-patterns like DevOps teams and ensuring non-blocking workflows that improve their lead time and ensure autonomy.

Internal Platform teams schema

For platform engineers, the software development teams in their company are their clients. They need to understand their needs and design self-service products to improve their development experience.

This website is a repository of curated resources, writings and talks related to this new team topology and implementation of a DevOps philosophy with a special focus on teams’ autonomy.


Our book

We are writing a book based on two years of research and our own and other colleague's experience building Internal Platform team organizations.

It will be published in late 2021, if you want to be notified, please visit our leanpub page.