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A list of books, writings and papers about the Internal Platforms team and products.


Articles, papers and writings

Great reference websites, conferences and courses


2021 How to make your developers self-serving with an Internal Developer Platform by Kaspar von Grünberg

2021 Challenges in building and scaling internal platform teams

2020 WTF is Platform as a Product with Matthew Skelton

2020 Why did you build an Internal Developer Platform at Github?

2020 The Cloud Native Journey @Apple - Alena Prokharchyk, Software Engineer, Apple

2020 Toolchains Behind Successful Kubernetes Development Workflows

2020 Turning a simple internal configuration management tool into a platform By Csaba Bejan, Zoltan Mazula, Viktor Szpisjak & Balint Vadai

2020 Spanish: Una aproximación a la infraestructura evolutiva by David Lluna and Paco Sanchez

2020 Kubernetes is Not Your Platform, It’s Just the Foundation

2020 Minimum Viable Product for Platforms by Martin Cagan

2019 How Stripe Invests in Technical Infrastructure

2020 Podcast: The challenges and opportunities of Platform engineering and DevOps

2019 Platform as a Product: How to Delight Your Developers and Deliver Value for Your Customers

2019 What is a Thinnest Viable Platform (TVP)? - Team Topologies

2019 What is Platform Product Management by Airbnb Product Manager

2018 Infrastructure as product: Building GitHub’s future - GitHub Universe 2018

2018 Platforms at Twilio: Unlocking Developer Effectiveness

2018 Nuts and bolts of building a platform team (Flatiron Health) by Stacy Goerik

2017 What I talk about when I talk about ‘Platforms’ - Evan Bottcher

2017 John Cutler - Product Thinking For Internal Teams - Øredev 2017

2017 Managing Your Platform as a Product with Scott Shaw

2016 “Scaling Infrastructure Engineering at Slack” by Julia Grace

2015 “Engineering Effectiveness at Twitter” by Peter Seibel